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Endless Patience

She waited on the shore and smiled as

I pushed away from her,

And dove blind, bound, into a pool of black water

Searching, ravenous for my treasure

Thrashing til my face emerged into cool sweet air

And gratefully took breaths, each one filled with her whispered prayers

She lit a path for me on hard packed ground

Then smiled softly as I hacked my way through thick jungle vines

Swearing it was better

Then embraced me when I emerged

Torn and bloodied, sweat soaked

And kissed my head

And said well done, I’m proud of you

She watched as I walked into the desert, on a search to find my treasure

Obsessed, I pushed across the barren wasteland

Parched and starving, wandering, lost

When at last I collapsed, broken,

She was there with water, horses

Took me to a far oasis

Healed me, loved me, made me whole again

Then she lead me to the gates and told me never to give up on my dreams

And she would be there, watching, waiting

Loving, praying


And then, with gratitude abounding,

Gathering her with arms unyielding,

I finally realized that my treasure

Stood with sparkling eyes beside me

Stood beside me all along.

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